BMW M4 – Rolling Shot Tutorial



Rolling shots create an amazing background that resembles raw speed.  This photo may look as if it was difficult to take, however, it’s more simple than you would think.


There are a few things you would need in preparation for this photo.

  • Another car to take the photo out of
  • A camera that lets you manual control the shutter speed of the camera
  • A good looking car
  • An empty parking lot
  • A scenic parking lot (Optional)
  • A driver for both cars

Essentially, you’re going to sit in the back seat of the car that’s not being photographed.  Have your driver drive next to, in front of, or behind the other car while about 15 feet apart.  The driver can get away with driving at about 10 mph.  It’s important to match both cars speeds perfectly.  Put your camera in manual mode and adjust the shutter speed from about 1/10th to 1/3rd of a second.  Adjust the aperture from f/8 to f/22 depending on how much light there is.  f/8 is recommend.  ISO should be at 100 or as low as possible.  Put your head out the window and begin take shots and smooth as possible.  Take about 50-100 pictures then review them.  The dragged shutter makes for this intense motion blur effect.



  • Find a parking lot that is relatively smooth and does not have pot holes
  • Ensure you have permission to take photos in the parking lot
  • Take the photos either before 11AM or after 6PM (5PM in the winter)

Hopefully this guide will help you improve your rolling car shots!  Feel free to reach out to us for any comments or concerns!


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