Canon Launches the GoPro Killer


Canon announced on September 14th a new compact camera that would revival the already saturated market set by GoPro. As GoPro has long since been the industry norm for the action sports industry, Canon decided they’d take their shot at the modular compact camera market. GoPro made it’s intentions known with their inception of a compact camera but let’s see what Canon has in store for us. There is still more information that Canon has yet to release but let’s see what they have in store for us now!

Canon’s newest compact camera is the MM100-WS. This isn’t Canon’s first compact camera but it is their first camera that is both compact and modular. This means, the camera’s ideal use is in tighter, narrow spaces where users can’t attach a full camera rig or lens. The camera I can be used in low light situations, a feature that is currently seen on Canon’s existing multi-purpose models. It has a high-level of dust and moisture durability making it perfect for all uses. This camera presents numerous different opportunities for the consumer as it has unlimited applications. Canon announced in their release that they want users to understand the various functionalities behind this camera and are willing to customize features to enable the best user experience possible. The company stated “In the future, to helpĀ support businesses utilizing the camera, Canon will develop various modules, accessories and software for the camera to be further customized, helping to meet the needs of end-users and a variety of applicationsā€ (Canon Press Release).

I think it’s very cool that Canon is trying to shift the way they interact with clients by working to change the way they develop products for the industry. I look forward to hearing more from Canon about what exactly the internal specs will be.

Check back soon for more information!


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