Red Giant Shooter Suite 13 and Why You Need It


Red Giant Shooter Suite 13 has become a necessity in my video editing tool kit.  In this brief review we will cover the 4 sections of the Shooter Suite; Plural Eyes, Offload, Instant 4K and Frames.   I will explain the basics of how each plugin works along with a personal opinion on it’s performance.  For your knowledge, I tested all software on Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Red Giant Shooter Suite 13: Plural Eyes

First, I must start by saying, Plural Eyes alone is the reason you buy this suite.  Plural Eyes is a audio/video syncing software.  Video footage files along with external audio files can be seamlessly synced together automatically in a short period of time.  Plural Eyes replaces locating the “Clap” spike(if someone clapped purposely for sound) in the audio and individually syncing every clip, which is very boring and time consuming.  In order to allow footage to be synced properly, you must have clear audio coming from your camera’s mic, along with audio recorded on an external audio recording device.  Simply shoot and record ensuring that the camera and external audio recorder have clear audio of the subject.  Once the footage and audio files are put on your timeline, you simply hit start and it will sync in seconds to minutes.

Red Giant Shooter Suite 13

I’ve never had it malfunction, however you should always ensure everything is synced properly. Again, this is a vital part of my Adobe Premiere Pro CC plugin collection.  Considering it’s perfect success rate for me and the fact that I love shooting with external audio, I absolutely love Plural Eyes.  I would recommend it to anyone of any skill level.  It’s easy to use and works like a charm.  That fact that it takes over such a common and arduous task, makes Plural Eyes a key part of Red Giant Shooter Suite 13.

Red Giant Shooter Suite 13: Offload

Speaking of important tools, Offload is yet another piece of software offered in the Shooter Suite that replaces an irritating task.  Dumping footage.  When you dump footage it can require constant monitoring and excessive work. Offload is the tool to automate and expedite that process.

Red Giant Shooter Suite 13

The Offload’s simple user interface is refreshing and simplistic.  You simple select the files you want to “Offload” then choose the directory for those files.  You can even have sub folders, but it’s limited in flexibility.  I wouldn’t consider this a “necessity”, however, I’d recommend Offload to anyone, especially those who I know hate dumping footage.

Red Giant Shooter Suite 13: Instant 4K

Instant 4K falls under the “Luxuries” category. Do you need it? No.  Do you want it? Yes.  In a world where Film Makers have to put several resolutions (4K, 1080P) in a single video, they aren’t looking to downscale to complement 1080P.  What Instant 4K does it convert lower resolution video files to 4K;  For example, a 1080P video file.  You may be thinking, “How the heck does it make it look like 4K if there are only 1920×1080 pixels.  Well, the software essentially stretches the video to 4K then uses a pixel prediction software to predict the “new” pixels that appeared after stretching.

Red Giant Shooter Suite 13

Will it look exactly like 4K?  No, nothing is going to beat the real thing.  This software is more designed to allow editors to upscale a few 1080p videos in a dominantly shot 4K video.  For example, if someone has 20 clips that are 4K and 3 clips that are 1080P, you might as well upscale to 4K then to downscale to 1080P.  It up’s the quality enough to the point where viewers really shouldn’t notice it when not looking for it.  I think this software is great for what it is, but will definitely improve further as technology advances.  I would recommend this software to the more advanced editors, though, odd’s are, if you Shoot 4K, then you are probably experienced.

Red Giant Shooter Suite 13: Frames

Frames is an interesting plugin that is definitely utilized by a very specific type of video editor.  The easiest way to explain Frames is that it deinterlace’s your old footage and converts it to a cinematic 24p.  That sentence alone should explain everything editors in this niche need to know.  However, if you’re curious what the heck “deinterlacing is”, I will explain them, then give a review on Frames.  Back when home video cameras shot on film and miniDV, they used interlacing to have a picture that is twice the quality of resolution by doubling the perceived frame rate of a video display.  Reference this image for visual reference:

Red Giant Shooter Suite 13

Maybe you remember that “Liney” image we saw years back when you pressed pause on the TV or VCR.  Frames utilizes a merging algorithm that removes these pesky lines and overall improves the quality of the video.  Much like Instant 4K, Frames is designed for a very specific target.  Even more so than Instant 4K.  I would recommend Frames to anyone who works with interlaced footage, plain and simple.  The only people who actually come across interlaced footage, however, are either digger through old film archives/memories or they shoot on a VERY old camera.  It’s a very useful plugin, and can be deal breaker for those looking to purchase the Red Giant Shooter Suite.  Overall, the plugin works very well.

Final Thoughts on Red Giant Shooter Suite 13

I will be a Red Giant user for life.  This is a great software company that supports school and colleges and exemplifies how a great company provides quality and customer/community care.  The Red Giant Shooter sweet is my most used plugin set, and I look forward to seeing what they come out with next.  If you do not want to buy the whole Red Giant Shooter Suite 13, and would rather purchase Plural Eyes, Offload, Instant 4K and Frames individually, just click on the plugin you want and you can pay the partitioned price for it.  I strongly recommend this sweet to anyone as it not only has 2 plugins every video editor could use, but 2 plugins you may find yourself needing in the future.  Red Giant Shooter Suite 13 can be purchased on Red Giant’s Website here.

The Shooter Suite Cost $399.99, however Plural Eyes can be purchased for $299.99, Offload can be purchased for $99.99,  Instant 4K can be purchased for $99.99, and Frames can be purchased for $99.99.  So overall, buying these product in bulk saves you roughly $200.


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