Samsung Galaxy S8 to Have New and Improved Camera – Leak/Rumor


Samsung Galaxy S8 Camera:

Information was leaked and proves the Samsung Galaxy S8 will have a new and improved camera.  The Samsung Galaxy S8 is said to have an Auto-Focusing front facing camera as opposed to a fixed camera.  This is an upgrade feature which no other smartphone has.  Samsung addressed the fact that the front facing camera is becoming the most popular camera on the phone due to selfies.  “People are starting to take more selfies and number of demands for cameras that take selfies with higher qualities is increasing. It is heard that Samsung Electronics has decided to install front actuators for Galaxy S8 in order to differentiate its flagship Smartphone.” says an unnamed Samsung Representative to a ETNews, Korean News source. 



The most common misconception was the the Samsung Galaxy S8’s new “Auto-Focusing Front Facing Camera” would cause bulkiness to the phone due to the actuator.  The actuator is a device that reads the distance to the subject then modify the focal distance.  Samsung has reported that this will not be an issue, so we can expect another slim Samsung Galaxy.  ETNews also reports that “Actuators that will be used for Galaxy S8 will use encoder methods instead of VCM (Voice Coil Motor) methods that are usually used for rear cameras. While VCM method has coils in the centers of lenses, the encoder method has coils at the sides, and this allows camera modules to be slimmer.”

More Rumors:

Another rumor says that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will feature two rear facing cameras, similar to the ones on the iPhone 7+.  The benefit of the “Two Camera System” is the cameras work together to allow for zooming that doesn’t compromise image quality with Digital Zoom/Crop.  Each camera is set to a different focal length for coverage.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is rumored to be launched in March 2017. The Wall Street Journal, however, claims we may see the launch pushed into April 2017.  The Samsung Galaxy S8 is likely to not feature a 3.5mm auxilary headphone jack.  You will no longer be able to say “Pass me the Aux bro”, unless you have one of the goofy adapters.  Other smaller changes are the dedicated button for it’s virtual assistant, 90% of the front of the phone will be screen, and 6GB of RAM with 256GB of internal storage.




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