Sony A7R II vs Sony A7S II – Which One is for me? – Comparison


The Sony A7R II and Sony A7s II are both incredible cameras.  In fact, no camera, in the same price range, can come anywhere near the quality the Sony A7R II and Sony A7S II put out.  It’s a common question, what’s the difference between the two?  This guide is here to help you to compare and conclude, do I want the Sony A7R II or Sony A7S II?


The Sony A7R II and Sony A7S II share the same body.  Just about the only thing that differentiates these two, is the “S” or the “R”.  Though they share the same body, they both use different sensors.  The Sony A7R II uses a 42MP Exmor R BSI CMOS Sensors, and the Sony A7S II uses Sony’s 12.2MP Exmor CMOS Sensor. Massive, different in Megapixels, but we will discuss this later.

Dynamic Range:

Slog2 was extremely popular in the original Sony A7s and A7r because it was very easy to color correct, and added a decent amount of dynamic range into the shot.  Moving into the Sony A7R II and Sony A7S II, they both have slog2, but the Sony A7s II has slog3.  Slog3 proved to have more dynamic range than slog2, however, it is often stated that slog2 is better for areas that don’t have high dynamic range.  Some slog3 fanboys bought the Sony A7S II over the Sony A7R II specifically to have slog3.  It all comes down to preference.



The main reason the Sony A7R II and Sony A7S II and Sony A7R and Sony A7S are so successful is because of the outstanding quality they offer.  The 4K video that can be shot on either of these cameras is remarkable, especially since the cameras have internal recording to an SD card.



The Sony A7R II and Sony A7S II are known to thrive in low light, making them the ultimate run and gun travel camera.  Although both do extremely well, one does better than the other.  The Sony A7S II has the best low light quality of the two.  Hense the name, Sony A7S(Sensitivity) II.  The Sony A7R(Resolution) has 42MP.  Because the A7S II only has 12MP, the pixels are larger and are able to be more sensitive to light.


Sony A7R II Advantages:

42 Megapixels (4 Times the Sony A7S II)

Crop mode 4K

Sony A7S II Advantages:

Slog 3 Gamma Mode

Better Low Light Performance

120 FPS 1080P Slow Motion

Slightly More Affordable


Sony A7R II vs Sony A7S II Conclusion

In the end, there is no clear winner between the Sony A7R II and Sony A7s II.  It makes perfect sense why they came out with the two cameras rather than one.  The Sony A7R II seems to be geared more towards photography, whereas the Sony A7S II is more geared towards Cinematography.  Granted, both cameras are capable of great photo and video performance.  The best advice you should take from this article is simply figuring out what you do more of, photo or video.  Whichever way your preference leans, get that camera.




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